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One way that I definitely did, though, was through the food. Yeah, we were both guests.

Were there any topics you particularly enjoyed exploring? We have been working together for about nine years now. It played into the theme of the term Johnny Wander. That said, some of the one-sided friendships became two-sided, too. We got married just over a year ago.

He is also a freelance comics editor with previous credits at Papercutz. As a first generation Chinese-American, I totally understand that lost, stumbling feeling.

My relationship with my cultural identity has really changed a lot since then. We never do any other Japanese holidays. The process is pretty involved I guess. Haque in one of my art classes.

Johnny Wander is just the two of us doing whatever we feel like. When we first started writing our webcomic we set up some guidelines, and one of them was to keep the relationship stuff out of it. Chinese food was really, really good. We meant it to be a comic about hanging out with your friends. Now our general goal is to make material where we can see ourselves reflected in it.

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Yuko, Hirsh, as a Japanese-American and an Indian-American respectively, what are your relationships with the non-American sides of your culture like? There was a particularly poignant one for me, Yuko, where you rendered yourself falling down the stairs as a visual metaphor for what having conversations with your Japanese relatives was like. Yeah, chnlove date international dating in china we were friends for like four years before we started dating. We started dating after that.

Indian food puts me to sleep. My mom was a computer teacher, so I was the only person I knew who had access to a consumer grade scanner at the time.

It happened really fast and caused this incredible whiplash. One of the really interesting things about Our Cats Are More Famous than Us is that sort of non-specific feeling your relationship has. When the two of you started doing autobiographical comics, did you intend create them for public consumption?

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This was during the first webcomics boom and we were both in college. We were figuring everything out. Most people my age growing up got their first impressions of Indian people from Apu on The Simpsons. Then, people suddenly started watching Dragon Ball Z and my culture became a commodity.

The two of us are less like a writer-artist team and more like co-creators in everything we do. Our latest project, Barbarous, takes a lot of our discussion into account.

Did either of you ever identify with part of your culture through food in that way? My relationship with Japanese culture is weird because it has changed drastically because of anime. In a way, that sort of intimacy is going to happen no matter what. When we make these comics, we are basically creating a one-sided friendship between ourselves and our readers. What was it that got you both into webcomics so early in the game?

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By nature, autobiographical comics have that certain degree of intimacy though. And then after that the narrative started to come together. Then we dated for like forever.

Chaat is one of my favorite things. We never had much family in America. On a structural level, how are the chapters in this collection delineated? The average nerd is definitely not eating it up. The second poem is about this, like, terrifyingly huge man.

Growing up I think I felt trapped between Apu and the model minority. Our wedding was in India and it had been a couple years since the last time I was there.