Anchor hocking marks dating, faqs for fire-king collectors

  1. Can you please elaborate on what type of glassware this mark is on?
  2. It would be greatly appreciated if you could put our link on your site.
  3. Yes, I would like to see a pic of the mark, and with your permission perhaps I can post it to my site.
  4. An eBay search for Fire King Glass will produce thousands of results for this popular glassware.
  • It is not available for sale anywhere.
  • The fakes are very thick, with a rough, grainy texture and do not include a sugar lid.
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Just thought you should know the link to dairyantiques. Other Fire King glass lines have fired-on coatings over crystal, in pastel shades of blue, green, peach, or yellow, or bright yellow, blue, orange, or green. If anyone has info on when this pattern was being manufactured, please let me know! Contact me for logos you can also use if you wish.

FAQs for Fire-King Collectors

If you wish, you can also send me pics of the glasses to my email, listed at the bottom right-hand corner of the page. These jars evidently date from the s or s. When such a mold was used with an opaque slag, such as white, ivory or jade-ite, the backwards logo made less sense.

Anchor Hocking Glass Museum - History of Anchor Hocking

Some collectors will add miscellaneous pieces to their collection, while others will try to collect enough of a favorite pattern to create full place settings for their table. All of those corporations have glass manufacturing factories scattered around the country. Some may be answered directly by email, dating advice for young others posted on the site. On his property we found a heap of buried bottles.

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Most, if not all, of the marks illustrated there are frequently seen on other types of glassware as well, which makes the page quite helpful to a broader spectrum of collecting fields. Your work is truly appreciated and is a great guide when trying to learn about glass bottles, makers marks, dating, and the processes used over the years to produce these bottles! We also found a milk bottle liner dating back to early s. Milk Glass Identify milk glass by its slightly opaque, filmy looking white color. Sometimes a container carried a date code, biggest fear but it seems apparent that some did not.

Anchor Glass Container Company This company has both a confusing name and emblem. As of this year, Anchor Glass was sold to an investment firm. It would appear I found some sea glass with the Anchor in the rectangle. Anchor Hocking Collecting Glass jadeite.

And, some types of bottles are more likely to bear embossed markings on the base, such as beer, whiskey and soda bottles. Sooner or later, if a similar bottle is posted on ebay and the seller includes the embossed markings on the base in their written description you may see what type of item the shard is from. This is the mark on the base of the Sundae glass shown on this page.

Anchor Hocking Glass Museum. All Anchor-Hocking products are lead free. These marks usually served as some type of mold identification, indicating a particular mold used by a glass factory. Also included are a few marks, emblems and logos seen on other types of glassware including tableware and industrial glass items such as railroad lantern lenses.

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Unidentified B O C mark on base of amber handmade beer bottle. Pamela, you may get a range of answers to that question, but I consider them to have about the same value as they did when clear. Hello Aj, Thank you very much for the good words about this site, dating website mbti and the advisory!

Collectible Anchor Hocking Fire King Glass

Higbee Glass Company John B. Most of the ware made in the United States is produced at their glass manufacturing facilities located at Lancaster, Ohio and Monaca, Pennsylvania. Those were washed in a dishwasher. To have a number or letter appear correctly on the surface of a glass item, the mold engraver has to carve it backwards into the mold. Not all are equally valuable.

How to Identify Anchor Hocking Glassware

Hi Tiffany, I really appreciate your kind words about the site! Hi Hilary, did you ever find out who is the maker of your bottle with the two deer logo? Hi Karen, Yes, it will be here!

And good luck with your search for information! For instance, the exact length of vertical mold seams on antique bottles speaking in general, not dating for years not just soda bottles. Please check out my page on Whitall Tatum.

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FAQs for Fire-King Collectors

Yes, they are jade-ite, and yes they are made, in Brazil, by a company that owns the Fire-King name. Can you email me a photo of the bottle, and of the markings if possible to the email address given at the very bottom of any page on this site. Many of those types of glasses were made by Libbey, Hazel-Atlas and other glass makers. It is the demand for the older things that remind us of our youth that determines their worth or value. Jade-ite Watch for glassware with a creamy green color, which is commonly known as jadeite.

You can email me pics of the jar, using the email address as shown on the bottom right-hand corner of any page on this site. History of Anchor Hocking. The same general thing seems to have happened in many types of businesses over the last many decades. Eventually, I may add a page on this site with lists of books by some of the above-named persons which I found to be of most value. The Oneida Group business headquarters are based in Lancaster, Ohio.

Collectible Anchor Hocking Fire King Glass

Fire-King Mug

Some is not marked at all. This bottle base has date code to right. As fire king glass molds wore out and were replaced, the embossing was often not added to the new mold. What you have is called an After Market piece. The result was that authentic Fire King pieces made at the same point in time may or may not be embossed.

Huge quantities of bottles, flasks, and fruit jars were made, as well as window glass. It was dug up in va beach va. There was an elderly couple in my town that collected bottles all their lifes, they both passed away a few years ago. Brian, you are probably correct.

Anchor and H entwined mark Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation

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