Kind of a Netflix for art, maybe

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Or possibly a sounder laser. Even shows which runs are groomed. Shoes made of hemp and recycled rubber.

Help communities create collective workspaces around the country. Has links to where you can go to take up a sport as a beginner, what the competition structure looks like, how far you typically have to travel, etc.

Would have automatic document feeder and could be used for archiving photos directly to the web. We then get people to fall in love with the idea and the domain and then sell the domains for a couple thousand bucks each. It's a battle of survival against the undead. Mobile app with hospital floor plans, maps, info about area restaurants, etc.

And it's not just telecommunication. Customer feedback software for mobile phones sold to marketers. Whack-a-Mole style game with political figures Automatic thank you notes, sent to contacts as a postcard generated from uploaded contact lists. To integrate it into our culture, we can introduce them through napping stations similar to coffee houses.

And it's notCustomer feedback software for mobile phones