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It didn't work and Petunia struggles

Melissa is the smart one and Spencer is the pretty one, though both of them are smart. The second is between Sutton and her adopted sister Laurel who fulfills the smart sister role. Sister rivalry isn't nearly as glorious when the sisters fighting are immortals who screw up the world as a result. Elin is the plain-looking and respectable sister, who is clever enough to become a brilliant medicine woman.

In Date A Live the Yamai twins first appear locked in a struggle with one another, with the winner absorbing the loser to become the true Yamai. Lena herself feels that their looks and personalities are mismatched. Sherlock is the analytical mildly sociopathic brother, whereas Mycroft is a restauranteur with a taste for the good things in life.

The book plays a lot with the trope, deconstructing it by showing one of them as nearly autistic and the other as totally depressed by the shallowness of her many social relationships. Katie and Maya hit this trope, and get to share some actual screentime.

Not to mention that Mary was in an arranged engagement with their second cousin, whom Mary didn't even want but Edith was quite in love with. It didn't work, and Petunia struggles with her resentment towards Lily for years, even seeking therapy when it starts to affect the way she treats Harry. Alex even states at one point that she feels a need to be the smart one to differentiate herself from Haley. In this case, there was also a man involved.

Mary is very pretty and perfectly well-behaved, while Laura is active, energetic, and brave. Bad News Bears meets Dumbo. It's made very clear that they actually do care about each other, despite all their differences. She wishes she were anywhere near as talented in anything as her sister Jane. Diva is the Beautiful Sister, and is well aware of her sex appeal and how to use it, and wants to create a world where she can live openly and as she sees fit.

However, the true conflict only starts when Gertrud runs off with a penniless fiddler and disgraces the family. Ruth has lots of half-sisters - and half-brothers - through her father's many wives. Jane is plain, but accomplished.

Although in fairness, Tess is not actually dumb or ditzy, more a fish out of water. And when they aren't interacting, the mention of the other falls into this trope. Jeannie and her wicked sister, also named Jeannie.

Jo even shows jealousy towards John Brooke when he's revealed to have feelings for Meg, as she's afraid that she'll lose Meg's emotional support. Unusually, Claudia the Popular One is one of the main characters, whereas Janine the Smart One is merely part of the supporting cast.

Not to mention that Mary