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Gas temperature at discharge only of each cylinder. First, the gas is heated during admission to the cylinder. Required on all moving parts. No corrosion allowance required on bottles.

API 11P vs API 618

If the inlet stream is near saturation, horizontally-oriented cylinders and bottom-connected discharge nozzles are recommended. British Standards Institution. The quantity of oil required to lubricate the packing and cylinders is small when compared with the bearing oil requirements. Socket welded piping should be avoided for this reason.

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Features of high speed reciprocating compressorsReciprocating Compressors Package Api 11P

Lubrication must be finely filtered to avoid damage that would result from small particulate matter entering the case. Prices subject to change without notice.

As the piston passes the lubricator feed hole in the cylinder wall, the piston ring gathers oil and distributes it over the length of the stroke. The compressor pulsation frequency is calculated with Eq. The essential function of compressor valves is to permit gas flow in the desired direction and to block all flow in the opposite undesired direction. Integral compressors typically have compressor and engine-power cylinders mounted on the same frame and are driven by the same crankshaft. Wear bands distribute the weight of the piston along the bottom of the cylinder or liner wall.

Piston rod packing provides the dynamic seal between the cylinder and the piston rod. Because this function is provided by the auxiliary pump, a prelube pump is required only when the system does not have an auxiliary pump. The cranks are arranged so that the motion of each piston is balanced by the motion of an opposing piston. Get a Quote Request a Quotation.


Compressor manufacturers have not reached consensus on an appropriate calculation method because measurement of these effects is extremely difficult. However, these two aspects of aerospace machining can conflict, age of empires 3 full as manufacturers strive to maintain machining efficiency with new materials by using new methods and cutting tools.

Thermoplastic wear or rider bands often are fitted to pistons to increase ring life and reduce the risk of piston-to-cylinder contact. American Petroleum Institute. If oil contamination is a concern, an oil slinger can be provided to prevent packing lube oil from entering the compressor frame. Depending on the frequency of unloading and the molecular weight of the gas, a port or plug unloader is the next best method of unloading a cylinder. Plate valves constructed from rings connected by webs into a single plate are a common valve type.

Bearings located throughout the compressor frame assure proper radial and axial positioning of compressor components. Cleanliness and corrosion resistance are important considerations. An auxiliary pump is provided to back up the main pump. See a list of all open ballots. Safety instrumentation should include a crankcase low oil level switch, a low oil pressure shutdown switch, and a high oil temperature switch.

Cylinder cooling - As per manufacturer. Cast iron and malleable iron pipe, fittings, valves, strainers not allowed in f.

Clearance is made up of spaces in valve recesses and the space between the piston and cylinder end. Use this section to provide links to relevant material on websites other than PetroWiki and OnePetro.

Pistons and piston rods a. Single-acting cylinders compress gas in only one direction of piston travel.

Miscellaneous piping details specified. Most reciprocating compressors use double-acting cylinders. Each operating end of a compressor cylinder must have two sets of valves.

The flow capacity of a given cylinder is a function of piston displacement and volumetric efficiency. To see our recently published documents, addenda and erratas please click here. Where possible, recycle valve should be downstream of gas coolers. Cylinders experience wear at the point of contact with the piston rings.

High discharge temperature if handling air or oxygen - alarm. The packing consists of a series of non-metallic rings mounted in a case and bolted to the cylinder. Adequate pulsation damping helps prevent piping-related vibration problems. Some systems are equipped with dual, full-flow oil filters with transfer valves.

Performance maps can be developed for a specific compressor with base conditions held constant. Lube oil piping cleaned and oiled. The cylinder is a pressure vessel that contains the gas in the compression cycle. The analysis should include the first major vessel or volume upstream and downstream of the compressor. You can also call toll-free or email us at compass api.

Galvanized piping should be avoided because of possible corrosion. In addition, performance can be adjusted to new requirements by changing the inside diameter of the liner. Announcements Standards Important Stds. Telecommunications Industry Association.

See the section on Rod Load below. Relief valves - No requirements. Rod loading must be reviewed at minimum suction pressure and relief valve pressure to assure an adequate safety margin. Crankshafts - No requirements.