He is a Chinese host and actor

Are wu chun and ella dating

His nose was like an aquiline nose, so it became his trademark and was often mistaken for mixed blood. Ella's deep voice caught the label's attention, and then she reached the final round.

Happy family has made an album, making happy camp became the first album of the variety show. And we all know what happened to Ethan after that. It was his first acting role, and he had incredible screen presence and great chemistry with his co-stars Zai Zai and Sonia Sui. She is a Chinese host and actress.

Her special way of hosting the show has brought happiness to the audiences. For some reason I just like Baron and Roy. Ming Dao There are two Ming Daos.

Ella's deep voice caught the label's

She returned three weeks later to promote Super Star. My favorite Ethan performance is in My Queen, where he redefined the noona-dongsaeng romance. Jiro Wang Jiro is the other Fahrenheit member other than Wu Zun to transition to solid leading man status. The song was given to them as repayment for Power Station have given S. Her older sister, however, convinced her to stay.

The Happy Camp stage gives many celebrities the opportunity to show their talents. He is also a college professor.

His nose was like

Currently, he is still hosting the show, in addition to being the head of the Happy family. Supposedly they had such great chemistry they were reunited in Why Why Love. He has great chemistry with any co-star, and is a genuine acting talent with some still unpolished rough edges.

Intimidated by the long line of contestants and worried of facing ridicule for her tomboy personality, Ella almost gave up before the first round. However, I can happily watch any of these men below in any drama, as long as the drama is good.

He is a well-known host in China. Her alto voice was noted for its strong and beautiful nature.