They're no longer together

Are you the one shanley and chris still dating

Whilst Zannah were also not a perfect match - these two stayed strong and are still together. Curtis lives in Calif while Jenni is in Minnesota. These two hotties are still an item. Christina has since moved to California to continue her studies and work in business marketing.

You beautiful human being

Curtis lives in California working as a brand strategy consultant and Jenni is nursing her was through Minnesota. You beautiful human being.

They've since had a baby girl called Scarlett and are happily married and living in Texas.

These two unlikely love birds are still together and doing it long distance. Britni has moved to Hawaii to be with her man and the couple seem properly loved up. And they really did seem hot for each other not just a boom boom room special. We're not jealous at all Brit.

Curtis lives in California

But if it was a saying, it probably would have come from Brandon. Amazingly, these two unlikely love birds are still together despite the long distance between them. They seemed so inseparable. Kiki has since been competing in the Miss Hooters International competition, while Devin's bromance with Chuck led to the pair launching a band called Chuck and Big D.

The reunion show revealed they were no longer a couple. Kiki was hoooooked on Devin from the get-go, and Devin was hooked on telling the beach hut diary how much he was taking her for a ride literally. But it was also impossible to deny the attraction that blossomed between him and Jacy. But sadly this twosome didn't last in the real world.

Hannah is dabbling in modelling while Zak posts regular videos to his Youtube channel with cameo appearances from Hannah every once in a while. They're no longer together. Fortunately, funny man Zak was there to pick up the pieces.