They called it quits soon after

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Not even a prince can guarantee a happily ever after. He appears to be single now, but last we heard he was dating Natalie Davila. It appears he is now single and co-owns several Texas bars with his brothers.

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Confessions of a Reality Show Villain, in which she makes some shocking sex revelations. Unfortunately for them, their relationship only lasted one more month after the show finished airing. However, their breakup with Shayne wasn't a bitter one with Matt telling People that they truly care about each other and remain close friends. Even better, it was a promise ring because apparently, those still exist.

She is married to a man named Tom Pickard after getting engaged in and has a baby boy. They broke up soon after, though, and now Courtney appears to be single.

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Juan Pablo appears to be single and working in the entertainment industry. He's been spotted out with Linnea Sensenbaugh, but it's unclear if they're in a relationship. At the end of the day we gave it a go, but we're just two different people. He recently announced his engagement to Jessica Canyon.