Backdating family tax credits

Backdating family tax credits

Claims for the disability elements and

Both benefits and allowances are not subject to income tax. But you may also be owed refunds for previous tax years. However, any payments they received under the Immigration and Asylum Act will be deducted from their tax credits award. We need this number before we can check whether you and your family are due a Working for Families tax refund. Working for Families tax credits take into account all family members, including your personal tax return and that of your partner.

This lets us track and respond

If you think you may have missed out on backdating, you may be able to have your case looked at again even if you no longer claim tax credits or your claim has already ended. Those who may have missed out on backdating There are certain groups who do not receive automatic backdating. You might all be off on a well-earned fun family holiday. The claim form itself still does not mention backdating, which is disappointing. Amounts such as interest, dividends, a taxable Maori Authority distribution but not retirement savings scheme contributions and replacement payments under a share-lending arrangement.

Forward dating of that claim is not allowed. Lots of families receive refunds in the thousands.

Claims for the disability elements and from claimants who have obtained refugee status can be backdated for even longer in certain circumstances. This lets us track and respond to your requests through your account. Any future weekly payments are between yourself and Inland Revenue. Yes, just ignore the tickbox in the application process that authorises us to process your Working for Families calculation.