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Through the selection of application modules, you can easily add chat, inbox, message composition, and contact widgets to your dashboard layout. Argon Dashboard is a free and open source option for creating admin areas for a range of projects.

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Now there are plenty of user applications are available for daily use, so they become as important as a front end side. TemplateVamp has a classic look and a set of templates that are loaded with useful widgets and panels. Furthermore, all the images you see in the Codebase demo are included in the package and are available for use in your project.

This information covers sales figures and total revenue, with a range of presentation options to choose from. Data can be presented using the statistics and charts cards as well.

It provides its users a simple and easy website management capability feature as well. Porto Admin is the complete package that was built to help you create a custom admin panel for your project. This simple admin panel template in php has advanced theme options, dropdown menu, tag clouds and many more. The Google Fonts integration gives you a huge repository of typefaces to choose from when personalizing your dashboard.

You can also add interactive tables representing your data that your users can filter and search. This admin panel in php also has several theme options. Read More Articles about Web Templates. Modifying the headers and footers is straightforward, as is creating custom color schemes and building bespoke forms. You can also use notification alerts to let your users know when new messages are available or actions need to be taken.

If you plan to represent data using graphs and charts, then this is another good reason to consider the free Argon Dashboard admin template. There are also numerous options for working with menus and notification items for your dashboard.

If this feature sounds like it would be useful for your dashboard, you can see an example of it in action on the live demo page. The light and dark admin template you see above is a beautiful and compelling responsive website theme powered by the Twitter Bootstrap framework.

The theme is fully responsive, so it is also great on mobile devices. With over three years of constant development resulting in a regular stream of updates and improvements, Metronic has a track record you can rely on. Through the settings, you can easily choose from a range of color skins, menu types, and module layouts. Then, we have another responsive Bootstrap admin theme in the name of Clean Zone. The responsive Bootstrap admin theme you see above is Perfect Admin.

The widget library is extensive, containing a range of tools that can be easily added to your layouts. Milestone with Envato Elements subscription Download.

You can never go wrong with this theme. Other ways to present data include the selection of charts you can make use of. Icons can be used throughout your custom dashboard according to your needs.

The selection of widgets is impressive too, giving you quick ways to add chart panels, sortable tables, interactive task lists, and chat boxes to your project. Paper Dashboard is fully mobile responsive to ensure your smartphone and tablet users can access the pages as easily as their desktop and laptop counterparts. The ultimate multipurpose admin template, Dexter is a website and web application template for admin dashboards and control panels. For more ideas, you can also see other collections of website themes and templates, only here at Template.

Like the rest of this admin toolkit, any grid layouts you do build will be fully mobile responsive to ensure they are usable on small screen devices. Whether you want to alert your users through the menus or add notification panels to the dashboard itself, this free Bootstrap template gives you the option.

You can also use the selection of widgets to add lots of useful elements to your admin pages. This admin panel template free download has Custom Page templates, Dropdown cart, Favicon etc. Paper Panel with Envato Elements subscription Download. This admin panel in php allows both audio and video integration. From the main dashboard, your visitors can click through to the other optional Edmin templates.

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Color Admin is packed with pages that come complete with documented code to simplify the customization process. Kode with Envato Elements subscription Download.

Based on what your needs are, you can choose from few of the best responsive admin panel templates for yourself, as described here in this article. This cms admin panel php mysql theme is best suited for camp and event managers. As Pages is fully responsive and retina ready, your custom dashboard will look its best regardless of whether it's being viewed on the smallest smartphone screens or the largest high-end monitors. Star Admin is not only fully responsive but is also mobile-first, cashier system software making it highly smartphone friendly.

Some options include the carousel widget for displaying important information in a slider format, sales graph panels, weather widgets, user profile boxes, and much more. Adding charts, graphics, buttons, alerts, and tables are just some of the features you can add to your admin pages. Maps from Google, Yandex, and jVector can also be inserted into your admin pages. Tiles with solid background colors are in use on the main demo, ensuring your dashboard area will stand out and create a memorable impression on your users.

When it comes to adding panels to your admin dashboard, you can choose from a range of styles. You can simply download the source code of such ready-made template of the admin panel and upload them to the server. You will surely love to work on this gorgeous theme. With Light Bootstrap Dashboard, you can also make use of multiple notification styles to give your admin panel an interactive feel. There are also lots of icons that can be added to your pages, including notification based icons to display alerts to your users.

By using this template in its default state, your dashboard will be teaming with widgets and panels to provide you and your users with all the data they need, all in an easy to digest format. Bootstrap will save a ton of time when you develop an admin template.