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The Telugu version is being directed by Gopichand Malineli while all the other three versions are directed by Siddique himself. Venkatadri finds the diary and realizes soon that his real lover, the girl who had waited for him for so many years faithfully, was Keerthi. Jayakrishnan finds the diary and realizes that his real lover, the girl who's waited for him for so many years faithfully, was Ammu. Now that I had the chance to see it, only on trailers on the internet and not the full movie. Whitney very nice movie, how to the burning crusade for I love it I love The Bodyguard.

Bodyguard ( film)

Dileep Nayantara Thiagarajan Mithra Kurian. Ammu, later tells Jayakrishnan to run away with her and meet her at a railroad station. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. Ammu and her friend Sethulakshmi Mithra Kurian gets irritated with him following them all day. Sethulakshmi, seeing Jayakrishnan, falls in love, and admits that she is the lover, not Ammu.

Ammu, as a joke, calls Jayakrishnan and speaks badly about Ammu. Whenever he develops an admiration towards a person, he prefers to move with that person as a sort of bodyguard. Jayakrishnan follows Ammu to her college as her bodyguard.

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Bodyguard Official Poster. Keerthi is overwhelmed with joy and happiness, realizing that Venkatadri has come to know the truth and her identity.

Terrified, Ammu sends her friend, Sethulakshmi, to the station and tells her to tell Jayakrishnan that Ammu is the lover and she won't be able to make it to the station. Jayakrishnan agrees, not knowing that the girl is Ammu.

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However, before her death, she leaves a diary for her son that outlines the whole story between the phone calls of Venkatadri and Keerthi and their love. Years later, after Jayakrishnan and Sethulakshmi's marriage, she bore a son. In order to save Venkatadri from Naidu's anger, Keerthi lies that Venkatadri is meeting another girl at the train station.

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It stars Dileep and Nayantara in the lead roles. This film was Nayantara's comeback to Malayalam cinema after a gap of four years, and it is the first time that Dileep had worked with Siddique. Venkatadri falls in love with the girl without knowing that it is Keerthi herself. Jayakrishnan is shocked Ammu isn't married.

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With the Bodyguard I became a fan of Whitney and have a deep appreciation for her. Thaman Films about bodyguards. Bodyguard was a blockbuster at box office. The original Malayalam film Bodyguard is being remade in Hindi and Telugu.

You have already rated this movie. At one point, Keerthi too feels herself becoming attracted to Venkatadri and expresses her desire to meet him in person. You can change your city from here. The film recorded as Super Hit at the box-office. The son asks Ammu to become his mother and Jayakrishnan is shocked and angry at his son for saying something so blunt and rude.

The film sparks up only in the action sequences which showcase Salman as the essential action hero who can perform the most impossible stunts. Film critic Hemanth Kumar of Postnoon also said that Bodyguard comes with a good package of comedy, drama and romance, and that you could watch it if you haven't watched the original. He has no idea that his lover is Ammu. He believes Ammu is a good-hearted person.

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That's when the viewer is able to tell Ammu is really falling in love with Jayakrishnan. But Naidu begs Venkatadri to take Keerthi as his wife.

Terrified, Keerthi sends Swathi to the station and tells her to tell Venkatadri that she is the lover and that she won't be able to make it to the station. She tells Venkatadri to meet at a railway station and elope with her.

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He calls Keerthi on her cell phone and addresses her as Bangaram. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Venkatadri agrees, unaware it is Keerthi. So they go onto the train together but the son runs and throws the diary into a trashcan nearby.