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The main emphasis during the classes was paid to acting skills, stage performance, and dance. In turn, Priyanka added lyrics to the already familiar couplet. You can also find him on Britney's Instagram on a regular basis.

One thing led to another and soon the up-and-coming model found himself on a sushi date with Britney Spears. However, the Persian personal trainer immediately denies the cheating rumors as he takes to Instagram Stories to clear up the misunderstanding.

American tabloids immediately tried to find out the reason for the breakup, suggesting that the whole thing was unfaithfulness. She is currently dating model and fitness buff, Sam Asghari. But she failed, because she could not get to the third round and was forced to accept defeat. The aspiring actor has an upcoming movie.

American tabloids immediately tried toShe is currently dating model and

She also wanted a daughter of her own now that her residency has ended. Asghari went from being out of shape to ripped and making headlines around the world for dating one of the biggest pop stars all in the space of a few years. They did not know where to go and had no money. You get your own avatar, rise to stardom, etc. The year was even harder for Spears as her beloved aunt died of cancer.