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Did I even know the girl by the lake? Everything you need to know about the bout. It has explicit lyrics meant only for an adult audience.

This song is the perfect ballad about long distance love. Some of his music can only be described as timeless classics, sung years ago but retaining their popularity to date. The audio was released in February, leaving fans eager for the video. In the video, girls showcase the most flexible moves and dances.

Such taxis only drive down one lane, but are cheaper than conventional rides especially for foreigners struggling to make a living abroad. Is America Great Again Now? Dedicated to Grammy Legend Rexton Gordon, who is popularly known as Shabba Ranks, for his contribution to Jamaican music this remains a club banger to date. Set in the crime filled streets of Jamaica, this one tells the story of an instigator who is behind a violent shootout that gets his friends killed. We look forward to his new releases this year.

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Miss Lilys Family Style unmixed tracks. Log in to view your wishlist. While the chorus may seem repetitive, the message has carried the day making it a fan favorite. His music was loved by many, with the following being some of his best hits.

This one goes out to clingy girlfriends who are constantly calling and texting their boyfriends. As usual, the beats are on point. Not only is it a club banger but its fast, upbeat rhythm makes it a feel good tune as well. We are always looking for ways of improving Juno Download - if you have any ideas about how we can make it better, please let us know. The upbeat rhythm makes it a timeless classic.

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The lyrics that describe hot weather, Hennessy and good music are enough to transport your mind to your favorite holiday destination. Warriors Musick Productions. However, from the few sampled above, it is clear why he has such a successful career to date. Fans love honest musicians.

He narrates most of his escapades with girls who text him, send him pictures and videos, voice notes and funny emojis. Hustlers working hard to make ends meet will relate to this one. The year has barely started and yet Busy is already keeping his fans on their toes with new music. There is no better way for society to be reminded of what ails the country than through music.

The lyrics are racy and the video is even more exciting.

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The song is part of the Cold Heart Riddim. The use of a popular text message ring tone throughout the song is a nice touch. It has not been smooth sailing for this Jamaican star. Although the audio was released late last year, the video was filmed in New York and released just a week ago. This track has a slow beat that complements its serious message.

However, it is definitely for a mature audience. Typical of his songs, the message is strong and relevant especially to those who are quick to react without getting their facts right.

Busy fantasizes about moments he would love to spend with a girl he loves. Busy applauds those who work to get what they have, mouse click sound effect instead of selling their soul for riches.

In it, Busy sings to a lover whom he misses dearly. Need a song to dedicate to your lover who is far away?

This track has an audio as its video is yet to be released. Finally, a video that appreciates women of all colors, shapes and sizes. In it, he recognizes people who fought for the rights of black people all over the world.

This song praises women from all backgrounds and displays different dancing styles. Free The Universe Extended Version. Oh poor taurus struck down by the matador In a suckerpunch to my mobility. Oh poor taurus such a proud constellation taken away from me. Girls must love this dance hall star.