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There is no romantic interaction until after the commitment to marriage. These relationships will not only help to prepare you for marriage, they will also serve you to keep your marriage well established and growing healthily.

More than likely, you will meet your spouse whilst you are out, fulfilling your destiny. Some people say that dating is our culture. By flirting, you invite that person to be attracted to you, ultimately, to lust after you.

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Dating devalues sex and marriage. Our culture dates, the Jewish culture courted. Dating often mistakes a physical relationship for love. These are all important questions, and I will address them in turn. Instead of enjoying their teen years as they build skills and character, they are getting distracted into the quagmire of relationships that they are not equipped to conduct.

Unfortunately, however, our culture teaches our singles to engage in multiple dating relationships as though it were a normal and useful practise. Much better opportunities lie in team ministry, or families visiting families, etc, where there is no emotional involvement, and no agenda to give a good appearance. Today, this would mean that a husband could probably buy a house whilst his wife could probably furnish it full amount of three years wages each. This is equally true in the area of relationships. Usually, the girl's father would disciple the son, so he, having an intimate relationship with his daughter, knows what she wants, and through his discipleship of the son, knows if he's got it.

We need to find out what God's plan for relationships is, and then follow it. Dating promotes lust and moderate sexual activity, opening the door for fornication.

Issues such as unforgiveness, bitterness, abuse and lust need to be addressed before marriage. Whilst I wouldn't necessarily advocate requiring such a substantial investment, I would strongly encourage you to get yourself out of debt before considering marriage. Other times the son would approach the daughter's father and make arrangements with him. Once you have found your destiny, you can start equipping yourself for it, and then doing it.

Other times it may be to quash a selfish desire in your heart in favour of their desires. Similarly, the wife or her family would bring something to the marriage, like a cow to parent their new herd.

Loving that spouse as a neighbour means treating this person as a brother or sister in Christ, not defrauding their emotions or their purity but investing in them without motive for selfish gain. But our culture also says that you should sleep with your partner and live together for a while before you get married, if you get married at all. If you come in to a marriage financially secure, you will have a lot less stress. Once you have addressed these major issues, you need to get prepared for marriage by building a dowry. Secondly, there is the future spouse of that person you are interested in.