Dating an actress video snl palin

Dating an actress video snl palin

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Everything is going great until she flubs her line and they need to go again, horrifying the would-be pervert in the process. They even call a wrap on him for the production before he gets violently arrested. Aidy Bryant showed up as Meghan McCain but didn't get a chance to talk at all with Moffat and McKinnon just going on and on until they ultimately dismissed her. McKinnon was absolutely mesmerizing based almost solely on groans and facial expressions as she over-responded to everything Moffat said. This week, they got to share that with us on three different occasions, with two sets of brothers.

The sketch was so earnestly ridiculous, we found ourselves totally invested at all the angst. We wrap up with a look at the cast-member who had the strongest week. Comedy is supposed to ride the edge, so we applaud them for letting these see the light of day, even if it's well past their timeliness date. Rather than spotlight our favorite performer of the week, we're going to shine that light on two cast-members who have created one of the strongest duos on the show. At first, he's horrified that he's been caught, but eventually he's invested in the process and even gives a great, emotional plea.

He was followed by Chris Rock and Fred Armisen. Beck Bennett provides the voiceover, and struggles to follow what's going on, who we should be rooting for, and who the hell Greg Amico is. Finally, Tracy Morgan stepped out with a birthday surprise. It would have been exhausting were the moments not so random and clever at the same time. We'll skip the musical guests, because they're not usually funny - unless Ashlee Simpson shows up.

Honestly, the sketch could have used a joke or at least a plot, but it was literally just Harry moving about and interacting with various personalities, some known and some made up. She agreed and then cut off Beck Bennett so Benedict Cumberbatch could ask a follow-up. Finally, they wrapped their segment with a series of jokes from throughout the season that were deemed too offensive to say on the air, and these were bad. Tina Fey followed up as a Russian lawyer to talk about a purported meeting between Don Jr. So of course she strong-armed her way into rehearsal and it was a complete disaster.