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There was certainly a cult centre of St Alban at Verulamium by the time of Bede c. Greyhound racing took place regularly at Aldershot Stadium in Tongham during the s. There can be no certainty, however, that the martyr referred to is actually Saint Alban.

The prince gave orders for Roman soldiers to make a strict search of Alban's house. Speedway returned to Aldershot in at the local greyhound stadium.

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With the help of local historians too, we will help you to discover more about your ancestors. There is free public access to acres of parkland surrounding the Gardens and House. Aldershot Observatory The observatory is a circular red-brick building with a domed roof and it stands on Queen's Avenue. Guided walks of the town are available during the summer June - August.

Aldershot Town warming up at the Recreation Ground. But at the persuasion of the deacon Palladius, Pope Celestine sent Germanus, bishop of Auxerre, as his representative, and having rejected the heretics, directed the British to the catholic faith. The legacy of the Army has meant that the land for leisure use, as well as protected areas for flora and fauna, has been preserved over many years. Victricius had just returned from settling an unnamed dispute among the bishops of Britain. The original land was a lake that had become overgrown with weeds.

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Weeks after this Brian Epstein became the group's manager. When all these things were revealed and made known a huge crowd of people was brought to god with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ to whom is honour and glory for ever and ever. He therefore argues against the conclusion of Woods and Garcia that the martyr Alban was unknown before being invented by Germanus.

This suggests there was at least a shrine but quite possibly a church to him at Verulamium by then. Alban is also briefly mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle c. Formerly the town also hosted short circuit motor racing including speedway and Stock car racing. The railway station and bus station are both situated off Station Road. We also sell local gifts, postcards and Bampton mugs.