Because she looks like her

Dating guy with same birthday memes

Another one involving Quagmire and whyRita started acting like

Another one involving Quagmire and why he has such a Leisure Suit Larry circa ss aura about him. Rita started acting like a stereotypical old woman and it blew because of it combined with Brian having a one-night stand with a bimbo. But, in Joe's Revenge, we find out the last time a crook got away was because the crook was the one to cripple him in the first place. It's already been established that they're all in the same universe, so time would be going backwards for all of them. The Spy Who Shagged Me and made this exact same joke, so this is phenomenally likely to be intentional.

One has to wonder how Carol Pewterschmidt will react to the death of her tenth husband after the death of Adam West. Make of that what you will. He wants to go out and have a good time, but not relapse. And obviously he thinks it was Brian, because he can't understand Stewie talk. In a lot of episodes it's shown that Brian is racist against black people but treats Cleveland like a friend.

Now imagine what wouldn't happened if her wedding dress hadn't been up there. It also shows Lois's stable side when she responds to Peter and his friends annoying her by locking them in the attic. This could be seen as the show doing as it usually does and making Brian unlikable, but there is an actual reason for Brian to do this.

Also counts as Heartwarming in Hindsight. While we are at, Carter specifically says that Brian is violating Seabreeze.