Dating mavic rims review

Dating mavic rims review

Never anything exotic, light, or difficult to replace. Another straight pull drawback is that spoke lengths can be difficult to calculate, but buying complete wheels of course makes that a non-issue. Straight pull spokes do still have a couple of drawbacks though. David put a few holes in the Quest tyres on the very first ride.

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Overall, as well as shedding some weight this gives them interesting aesthetics. Unlike with J-bend spokes, it also means hub drilling defines the lacing pattern. Most testing has taken place on a Stif Morf hardtail.

After seven months of Pennine rock abuse, these are still running true. Stainless steel straight pull spokes are bladed to reduce twisting. At the bottom of one short descent it required two tubeless plugs in different parts of the tread, and a lot of spinning and pumping to patch a few other, smaller sidewall holes. Standard spoke nipples are easier to work on and easier to replace. Sealant and valves in, they were set up in no time.

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Naturally, because of the standard spoke drilling these need tubeless tape, but they arrive already taped and with valves in the box. Overall These are light enough, burly enough, and responsive enough for most riders. The freehub is rock-solid, with no noise or popping to speak of. Setting Up These wheels have bladed, double butted straight pull spokes, and stepping away from previous Mavic offerings, they run into standard spoke nipples. The low spoke count of these wheels really does make a difference to compliance and traction.