The Ohio State University Buckeyes

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Many members of Student Staff are musicians themselves, however some do not have brass or percussion backgrounds. Squad Leaders also run Friday music checks and game day uniform and instrument inspections, as well as judge the row challenges on Mondays.

After her time as a trained ballerina, she went to work at Disneyland as a dancer and eventually as a choreographer. Many of these people do not even have tickets to the game, but yet travel hours just for a chance to see and hear the band. Other arrangers include world-renowned concert band composer James Swearingen, Dr. During the s and s, these uniforms became outdated. The band also changed the vinyl spats.

Many of their concerts are on evenings and weekends when locals are out of work and tourists are out and about to enjoy the music at locations such as Waikiki Beach and Iolani Palace. John Arena for the Skull Session. The band typically plays a wide variety of music throughout the season, and employs the expertise of a number of local and well-known arrangers. This is considered the greatest honor the band can bestow to any non-band member and is a very special and rare event. Other directors had used various styles of band hats with varying levels of ornamentation.

John Arena for the SkullMany of their

The band also wore a red citation cord on the left shoulder. The detail of the Great Seal of Ohio can be easily seen. We realize that now for the first time in our lives we are free.