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To achieve this cute style, have the sides of your hair trimmed shorter than the top, and then get the top and back point cut for the subtle spikes. However, you will need copious amounts of hair gel, so stock up. Faux Hawk Fade This haircut is definitely for the bold.

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Spikes and Streaks Now, this is more like it. However, make sure to visit a professional stylist.

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Rugged Formal Asian Men Hairstyle International and classy, Hiroyuki Sanada added some casual flair to his black tie ensemble with a neatly trimmed goatee and loosely slicked back hair. The end result is a lot of great haircuts for Asian men to give a try, regardless of how adventurous they are with their hair choices. Also, once the natural darker hair starts to grow back in, it makes for a real interesting contrast. Serious Spikes Not quite a Mohawk, this style is edgy and fun for a metro guy ready to try something new. The only challenge is growing out your hair!

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Give your long straight hair some flavor with the help of a styling tool. If you have a broad forehead, consider brushing some strands forward as Imahara did for a friendly, attractive look. The Comb Over Brush your hair back using some hair products and shave your sides. Placing wild spikes all over with strong-hold gel, this youthful hairstyle is quick, easy and fun to wear.

The hair is brushed to the back or parted to the side, giving the person a gloomy, yet attractive look. Let It Flow Every now and then, some Asian men just want to let their hair down. His hair looks all natural and perfectly styled. Instead of using a hair tie, this man bun style wraps hair around to hold it in place. This one is left a bit wild to give off a laid-back persona that can still get down to business.

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Short and tight crop A cut like this has an extremely classy look. You can wear it slicked back or messy. Party On Top This is almost an anti-mullet haircut. Short and tight crops allow you to show off your facial structure as it accentuates your features. With the hair trimmed shorter on the sides and an angle cut, this is a hairdo that does not require styling.

You can either give it a natural look or apply some hair gel, to hold it together. Mohawk For anyone bold enough, a mohawk is always an option. Straight Up Spikes Brush your hair up and away from the face, using a strong hold gel. This color is called bubblegum pink. Best of all, it can also be worn down with length if you want a change of pace or wish to go a bit more casual.

Opt for a cool voluminous style like the pomp this season. Classic Pomade throughout your hair to slick it back.

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This will work on any Asian guy that is feeling fun and funky. Casual Spike Spiky hair seems to be prominent in the Asian community, and this is one of the more tame looks when it comes to that particular style. Simple Short Hairstyle Featuring slim trimmed sides and longer top hair, this has become one the favorite short hairstyles for Asian men, gratis dating app norge being worn by actors and sportsmen. Any man with typical Asian hair can get a cut that is layered into long spikes.

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The Shag Haircut Shag cuts are very innovative and they have been around for decades. Rugged Mane This loosely styled layered hair is very popular among men of any age and it looks even better when you have thick and long hair that you can play with. Long and Messy Hairstyles Speaking of simple hairstyles, how about this half up half down updo that has enough messiness to it to make you look roguish and cool?

Long Korean Hairstyle This is the longer version of the popular Korean style. Do not try to bleach your hair at home by yourself. If you decide to add facial hair later, you will have plenty more greatness to work with.

Short Fringe Up Hairstyle Trim your hair short, add a fringe that you will brush up and there you have it. Simple Medium Hairstyle For those favoring the medium length, this is a hairstyle which can easily be replicated and also maintained, giving you the possibility to get creative when styling it. Obviously, you first need to grow it long in the back, but once that hard work is done, tying things up in a bun is easy to do and easy to manage, so there are some definite reasons to give it a try.

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