It was really shocking to me

Diamond dating crime mob

My brother started rapping and he would write it down on paper. Just say what you want to say.

It was bigger than doing shows. If its all love get over it. People started having their own agendas. People were trying to make sure they were on every song. It's like when you go in a closet and pick out a shirt, you got different colors to choose from.

Yes and it is so funny because sometimes I have to hit her up just on the business tip. We had a lot of homeboys who were affiliated with us but I was the first girl.

Me not being that mature that as I should have been at the time. The group was already together. People are going to respect because there will be a big difference. There was two specific girls that I was talking to the whole night and they went over and got Diamonds autograph or picture. After the album comes out we started getting checks.

We started doing shows individually. The sport usually involved groups of men from two connecting villages or two groups from either end of a single village fighting to move a ball from one side to the other. Recently it seemed as though drama followed the members of Crime Mob. Honestly, everybody was in Crime Mob.

Shouts out to Bobby Black and Ricky. Crime Mob was nominated for Best Group. Even though on both albums they got way more than their money back. The biggest thing was the whole thing with Diamond. If you a rapper then you should be about your music and not drama.

We had a lot of homeboys

Sounds like it was jealousy towards other people having more individual success. She had already planned all this. To answer the question, I was talking to somebody and she wanted to make a scene.

Rather than be stuck on a label that wants to use you as a test dummy. She had already separated herself. This person gets this amount for a beat. Even though I am in the music industry he has to be able to take care of me.

Its so crazy because you are spending too much energy on the wrong thing. People started to crowd around and she started conversating. When you got just one thing, it's not interesting to me.

Either way it was a win for the group. The truth is that she told somebody who was close to the group that it was going to be a big surprise at the Dirty Awards. The games were so unruly that royal bans were often placed on the playing of such sport. Scrappy announced that she had a solo project at the awards.

Yes and it is