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Despite this being a single-focus theme, you do get enough flexibility to adapt it to promote other types of eateries, such as cafes, bistros, or delis. It is quite easy to use with many interesting features and their support is near to great and forum really busy many users.

Listify combines good looks with all the features you need to build a directory listings website that functions in the way you want. Directory is a powerful theme packed with many great features. It is our understanding that Directory the SpotFinder parent theme has been tested with up to k listings with no problem. None of these themes does everything right. Coding any theme these days is not any more difficult then cooking a pasta dish in an urban center food chain.

The demo version of Explore has been setup to present music event listings such as concerts, but the theme could be used to list any type of event or place that would suit a more muted colour scheme. Joe Fylan Joe has been using WordPress for many years, winamp 11 full version building many different types of websites along the way. GeoDirectory is a bit different from the other WordPress directory solutions listed here. ListingEasy aims to simplify the process of creating an online directory website with WordPress. Recurring payments can be setup for the subscription packages when using PayPal.

Payments can be collected via PayPal, making the entire process fully automated. They were great until the author disappeared. The category system also makes it easy to organise your listings by dividing them up into groups such as hotels, restaurants, pubs, and parks. It is only them you serve, not yourself.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission. The MyListing demos are also all fully responsive to ensure that your website will be easily usable on smartphones and tablets. My gut is saying that this will be the WooCommerce of directory plugins but time will tell. With Emblem not only do you get a great new look for your listings site but you can also make use of all the powerful features of the Directory app-theme from Templatic. Is there a way plugin or something to add zip code search to Directory theme by Templatic for example?

They can also each include a high impact image gallery for showcasing the premises and the great food that awaits the viewer. The features available include all you would expect from a directory solution including multiple payment plans, claimable listings, event listings, multiple locations, and much more. WooCommerce takes care of the payments side of things, with its library of add-ons providing you with many different ways to collect and manage payments from your users.

It looks so modern and the style is slick. This allows you to create custom page layouts with ease, and then insert countless page elements into those layouts, all though a visual editor. Good on you Ryan, and nice post by athemes. You get a good selection of monetization options with DiningEngine, including the ability to charge users extra for optional upgrades such as featured listings.

The benefit of this approach is that you have a bit more flexibility than you would otherwise, should you decide to switch themes in the future. Steve, I am not a programmer, so can you please explain how the Templatic Directory theme could have been better for customisation purposes? Also check out the themeforest directory competition that took place earlier this year.

If you know what you want, hire a developer and pay some thousand to get what you want, to modify one of these themes, or build it yourself. Seems like this is an obvious thing to have but maybe it requires some additional coding? When it comes to configuring the listings settings of your online directory, Wyzi has an impressive amount of options.

In the beginning, Appthemes was great, but it seems that they lost one of their key coders, and since then releases have been pushed back and pushed back and pushed back. If you have any more questions just let me know. There are also plenty of monetization options on offer too.

ListingPro is an all-in-one WordPress theme that includes everything needed to launch an online directory. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Only fill in if you are not human Your email address will not be published.

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Directory theme wordpressDirectory theme wordpress

37 Best Directory WordPress Themes 2019

For now i think that Glocal is the best out there. Hi i need some help i want to change my blog into a directory style theme to do events and restaurant listing can someone help me choose the best? DiningEngine is easy to setup and has all the features you need to create a dining directory with WordPress. The theme features make it easy to create multiple membership packages including paid options.

Each place that is added to the directory gets its own page which can be used to showcase that listing. With claimable listings and a range of options for charging business owners to list their establishment on your directory, there is no shortage of ways of generating revenue from your website. These are great functionalities, but the option to include them is a double on the cost. Users can create their own listings for your directory through the frontend submission forms that come with Listings. Superlist is a powerful directory theme that is easy to setup, but flexible enough to suit a range of different projects.

It is also one of the best-selling. Each of the demos works in a slightly different way, with varied options for how the listings are displayed and how users interact with them. Also this is my advice for future directory buyers that, please double check with theme seller about the development environment. Hi agin, I was just thinking about what you said.

Its natural when you create a Directory that you can add buttons or symbols. Depending on how you build your directory website, your visitors will have many ways to find the type of listings they are looking for. Thank you so much for this post! Some of them might look good but they will never function.

Directory theme wordpressDirectory theme wordpress

They should be right now, though! If you want to create a powerful business listings website based on one of the best directory platforms around then YellowPages is a great choice. Through the theme option settings you can modify other aspects of GeoDirectory, including choosing either a fluid layout or fixed width, and customising the header, body, and footer styles. It would be nice to make payment arrangements for these community advertisements as well.

ListingPro ListingPro is an all-in-one WordPress theme that includes everything needed to launch an online directory. These include free listings, paid options, and add-ons, such as featured listings. This means that by choosing SpotFinder for your directory and listings website you will be in good company. Through the listings builder feature, you can pick and choose which fields are available for the entries in your directory. This feature makes setting up your online directory as easy as possible.

These events are sorted by category and location, giving your visitors an easy way to find the listings they are looking for. Business can claim a listing and can change accordingly.

If you have lots of photogenic listings in your directory then the Diamond theme gives you plenty of opportunities to showcase that imagery in an easy to use format. The theme includes five different headers which can be used on any page including a Google Map, a Revolution slider, or a static image. While PayPal is supported out of the box, there are a number of extensions available which allow you to increase the number of payment gateways you can use. Just complaining on a forum how you know best, but offer no solution is unproductive.

An awesome, very useful list. No matter what type of listings you want to publish on your website, ListingEasy has the features to make it happen. However, it has a few drawbacks.

Directory theme wordpress