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His apostolic symbol is a fish lying on a Bible, which indicates he was a former fisherman who became a fisher of men through preaching. Support Game technical issues.

Peter was a typical Galilean. Yet, Jesus chose a man all men hated and made him one of His men.

That's why Thomas became known as Doubting Thomas. Yet, Simon clearly emerged as a man of faith. He was the first of the twelve to become a martyr.

He was flayed alive with knives. He was known as the Beloved Disciple.

Jesus practiced open table fellowship, scandalizing his critics by dining with sinners, tax collectors, and women. The most momentous of wars has begun in the heart of the Sacred Lands. It is said that Jude went to preach the gospel in Edessa near the Euphrates River. Who replaced Judas Iscariot?

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By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. He was a Judean and the rest of the disciples were Galileans. Jesus emphasised that being his disciples would be costly. In the minds of many honest, Jewish men, map hack these tax collectors were regarded as criminals.

Some believe this is the Apostle. Each warrior must engage in a struggle of swordplay, sorcery, and uncommon courage in order to complete their sacred quests. Tradition says he died as a martyr. His second name was Boanerges, which means son of Thunder. For other uses, see Disciple disambiguation.

At the latter part of his life, he had forgotten everything, including his ambition and explosive temper, except his Lord's command of love. Second, it shows that he had a missionary instinct. He is the first to have the title of Home and Foreign Missionary.

It is he who inquired about the reward for all of those who follow Jesus. Now available for purchase Friend invite accepted.

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From this background, we see that Simon was a fanatical Nationalist, a man devoted to the Law, a man with bitter hatred for anyone who dared to compromise with Rome. Military saints Athleta Christi Virtuous pagan. See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. He arrested Andrew and condemned him to die on the cross.

Upgrade, and get the most out of your new account. It is a struggle of desperation. The symbol of Philip is a basket, because of his part in feeding of the five thousand. Not as a suffering Saviour, however, but as ruling King. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

At the time of Christ, the common language was Greek and the family language was Hebrew. While he was dying, he requested that his body be wrapped not in linen but in papyrus for he was not worthy that even his dead body should be treated as the body of Jesus had been treated. Peter was martyred on a cross. He was a missionary of the Gospel, who laid down his life for the faith of his Master. In the ancient world a disciple is a follower or adherent of a teacher.

At times he was called Judas. He was a publican or tax collector. There he healed many and many believed in the name of the Master. Tradition says he preached in Assyria and Persia and died a martyr in Persia.

He was a man of courage and forgiveness, a man without jealousy, living in the shadow of John, a man of extraordinary faith. Lots were cast and eventually Matthias was chosen. Tradition says he was crucified.

Starting your free trial of Bible Gateway Plus is easy. Noone has rated this game yet. Begin reading God's Word ad-free with instant access to your new online study library. By trade, Peter was a fisherman.

Among the twelve, Peter was the leader. To get technical support for your game contact our support team.

We do not mean to infer, that legend and tradition constitute historical fact. It is he who was at the Mount of Transfiguration. Catholicism portal Saints portal. Some scholars believe he was the brother of Matthew, the tax collector. His apostolic symbol is a cross upside down with crossed keys.

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The stranger is asked to join Cleopas and his friend for the evening meal. Thomas Didymus lived in Galilee. Thomas was his Hebrew name and Didymus was his Greek name. Only one side shall claim victory.

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