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During the Anna Hazare anti-corruption movement, he was jailed, but, he continued with his struggle to spread the message of corruption free India. It was a tough decision to quit engineering. Dr Kumar Vishwas with his mother.

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Everybody knows the great poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan and his work. He is best known for his oratory skills and poems. Kumar Vishwas, other poets make audience laugh, think. Vishwas was actively involved in the anti-corruption movement led by social activist Anna Hazare. In comparison to other Hindi poets, he has a tremendous fan following on social media websites including Facebook and Twitter.

Despite many shady controversies, Kumar Vishwas is a youth icon. Thank you for subscribing.

Ek do roj me har aankhein ubb jaati hai, Mujhko manjil nahi rasta samjhne lagte hai, Jinko haasil nahi wo jaan dete rahte hai, Jinko mil jaun wo sasta samjhne lagte hai. Dr Kumar Vishwas left engineering in between to pursue a career in poetry and literature. Vishwas has always been in the news for something or the other. So, if I would have continued with engineering, I would have become a below average technocrat. Apart from being a Hindi professor at a degree college, he used to participate in Kavi Sammelans across India and abroad as well.

Mai tera khwab jee loon par lachari hai, Mera guroor meri khwahison pe bhari hai, Subaj ke surkh ujalon se teri maang saze, Mere saamne to ye shyah raat saari hai. Baat unchi thi magar baat jara kaam anki, Usne jazbaat ki aukaat jara kam anki, Wo farista keh kar mujhe jaleel karta raha, Mai insaan hoon, meri jaat jara kam anki. So, he left engineering and followed his heart to study literature and make a career in poetry. The police looked into the matter and found him innocent.

Kumar Vishwas is a popular poet and politician from India. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It was pretty cocky actually.

Vishwas completed his masters in Hindi literature and went on to earn a Ph. Koi khamosh hai itna bahane bhul aaya hu, kisi ki ek tarannum me tarane bhul aaya hu, meri ab raah mat takana kabhi aye aasma walo, me ek chidia ki aankho me udaane bhul aaya hu. The police made it clear at the hearing, that there was no solid ground to hold Vishwas responsible for these allegations.

In his efforts to build a corruption free society, he actively participated in the anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare. The budget session of parliament began today with some new members, who are expected to shake things up a bit in the Rajya Sabha. An Engineering Dropout turned Poet and now a Politician. This man did not stay limited to just poetry.

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But his frequent run-ins with Kejriwal cancelled the chances of the poet-politician. The woman did not even give a long statement, but only claimed he had molested her. The police promised action after a thorough investigation. Ek do din me wo ikraar kaha ayega, Har subah ek hi akhbaar kaha ayega, Aaj bandha hai jo inn baaton me to bahal jayenge, Roj inn baahon ka tyohaar kaha ayega. His confidence, persistence, self-belief and of course, his fame that let him meet the right people at the right time, led to many successes.

Nazar me sokhiya lab par mohabbat ka fasana hai, meri ummeed ki zad me abhi sara zamana hai, kai jeete hai dil ke desh par maloom hai mujhko, sikandar hoon mujhe ek roz khaali haath jaana hai. Although he lost, but, it was the first time in many years that Rahul Gandhi and his party required to take Amaethi elections seriously to avoid any upset. Kumar Vishwas Durgesh Pathak. He is a college professor turned poet, social activist and a politician.

Hamare sher sun kar ke jo khamosh itna hai, khuda jaane gurur-e-husn me madhosh kitna hai, kisi pyale se pucha hai surahi ne sabab meh ka, jo khud behosh ho keise bataye hosh kitna hai. Degree College in Pilkhuwa and his mother, Rama Sharma, was a homemaker. It was while studying for his PhD that Vishwas changed his name from Viswas Kumar Sharma to Kumar Vishwas, in order to maintain an identity separate from his caste. He completed his masters and Ph.

Jaitley withdraws defamation case against Vishwas after apology. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kumar Vishwas. Kumar Vishwas Imran Hussain.

Most importantly, he let the country see that a professor can be a politician and also a poet, without giving up any of it. Rahul Gandhi files his nominations from Amethi. Please check your email inbox to complete the verification process. My father, my elder sister and relatives- everyone was angry with me.

But, I was not made for machines. He will no longer be convenor of the party in Rajasthan, a post that he was given a year ago as part of a peace deal after his virtual rebellion against the leadership. His father, Chandra Pal Sharma, was a lecturer at R.

Vishwas recently posted a series of videos, titled Tarpan, on YouTube to pay tributes to all the renowned Hindi poets. It would have been better if Dr Vishwas had taken a permission from Amitabh Bachchan before making the video live. As elections approached, how to unreal tournament 3 for a doctored video clip from a Kavi sammelan went viral in which he was shown making alleged derogatory remarks about Imam Hussain and Hindu deities and nurses from Kerala. His initial profession in was that of a professor in Rajasthan. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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He showed the country that a person needs to work his or her way into success. We all, the party members, know that it is not an easy task and we are up to the challenge. Their love story blossomed in the college days and got married after post graduation. He has contributed his talent as a poet to Hindi television and Bollywood also. Indian poet and a lecturer.

Pankaj Gupta Narain Dass Gupta. Eventually, I succeeded to convince her and we tied the know after post graduation. Kumar Vishwas is not just a small-time poet doing poetry as a hobby, but, he is a poet of international repute. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The couple is blessed with two lovely daughters, Agrata Vishwas and Kuhu Vishwas.