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The cars made one more worm up lap and the black flag came out again. So there's your history lesson for today. If I come across it, I'll let you know. As the night went on, Ray asked Harold what he was doing with all those notes.

So here we are racing around that track wide open and with the tail hanging down. Go kart popularity came up, so he built a small dirt oval in the middle of the quarter mile track. He also had some of the most picturesque speech you ever heard. Don't know what became of those old rides. David bought the grill and we put it on the Chev like it was going to fool anyone.

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That week we installed a dump valve in the bottom of the fuel tank with a long cable ending near the driver. The next week Armond was fastest qualifier again and with a silly grin on his face he did it in one lap. After all-day qualifying, many cars stay around and run their regular Saturday night race.

It blew past me and I could feel the dirt and smell the oil. They said Doc was speechless and white as a sheet by the time C. He did a good job for us, except that he had to have Fridays off and would come in late on Monday, cause he was racing! Well John Lemmo, promoter was so impressed that he asked Port if Armond could do it in two laps.

If they are not on a clean plate and cup he won't eat. He bought Dad a rebuilt Ford engine and they changed it out that night.

Went to the Alabama pioneer link and looked at the Johnny Ardis collection. Johnny Baker used his wrecker headlights to find it. Bob also drove a Studebaker in the jalopy class for W. Chicken McCombs put transmissions in them and Ival Cooper raced them on the drag strip. He parked it in a home made hanger under the bleachers.

Racing Stories and Memories

The new owner, Rubin Finch, was also a native of Forest Mississippi. He had cut down the body and just tack welded the body back together. To make a long story short, my dad and Claude Bayles with Jackson Plating Company ended up with this car. The car ran over the motor and transmission and flipped and rolling over it. They explained that the whole movie would be in jeopardy if anything should happened to Mr.

We fixed the tire, replaced the battery by using one from someone's truck and completely pulled the body off the car. His name was Tommy Noblin.

Like racing, Life is also full of twists and turns. We looked at the coveralls again and all but the top fold had been cut. We did not win a race that night, but placed in the feature and heat races so that put us in line at the pay window. But all Armond could do was that the car wasn't fast enough. Well, we did give him eggs and coffee on a clean plate and he ate.

It scared him so bad he quite driving. She would have to sit in the stands. As told by Buddy Taylor Well let me tell you why we built the dirt track in Morton. When the cars took the track for the jalopy race, Skeeter's car came out with only a frame, dating a somatic narcissist behavior motor and a role cage. He renamed the track to the Jackson Sports Arena.

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And then here came Paul McWilliams with a low-slung Camero whose roof wasn't much more than four feet off the ground. Word was that Doc Bass and C.

Later in the race a car hit the stalled car, whick jump started it, and it went down the drag strip into the night with no driver. That was just the start of it as he won a whole bunch more at almost any track that he went to for Port. He had ideas of some day turning the property into an amusement park, even bought a few old carnival rides that stayed parked on the back of the race track parking lot for years.

First of all Armond was a top notch tool and die maker and he did a fine job for us at Lakewood Industries. He asked me to go with him to a race at Sharon Speedway when it was still pavement. He goes out to time in and his car is so low that it would not trip the light!