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That is where KeyKey comes in. The same goes for the other lessons.

Record Everything Typed on the Computer

Below are the best of the many computer monitoring programs we have tested. They will relax, and you can finally relax knowing that they are safe. Maybe you have an employee or employees and you want to make sure they are not wasting company time.

Immersive training occurs only at final lessons when complete words appear. If you start training systematically, you will likely master touch typing for a couple of weeks. Fast Results Touch typing is not about keys arrangement, as might appear at first sight. Once installed, it will load and run automatically with Windows. Due to this fact, you are focused on studying letters that are the toughest on you.

KeyKey Monitor - Keystroke Monitoring - Online Safety SiteKeyKey Monitor will spy on anyone using your computer

KeyKey Monitor (free) - Download latest version in English on phpnuke

KeyKey Monitor (free) - Download latest version in English on phpnuke

If you are a computer programmer, a journalist, or you just do a lot of typing, think about how valuable it would be have every word you type saved to a file automatically. It records all keyboard activity at all times. Password protection to access KeyKey for more security. If you have KeyKey Monitor running on your computer, you never lose your work. Some monitor, some block or restrict chat and some do both.

Very Effective Computer Monitoring Programs

So you can show them if they deny wasting company time. Many employees love to write their friends emails, or play computer games on company time. Now, you know why you want to record keyboard activity. No one will know it's there. In manual mode, it is possible to switch over lessons unrestricted.

You will simply following the instructions from the install menu and Install KeyKey Monitor anywhere on you computer you like. KeyKey will capture and monitor everything typed into your computer.

Now you'll have the proof of their time-wasting activities on disc. Touch typing is not about keys arrangement, as might appear at first sight. This is the future of computer monitoring.

Really love the fact that the developers support this app gets with the frequent updates. Buy or Try Full-featured keyboard tutor is offered at a price affordable to all. Type trainer algorithm functions on the basis of your native language.

Then we manually test work results of the algorithm on various layouts. It is able to record key strokes from Windows applications. It is comparable to the typesetting of an ordinary text, but with a focus on popular words. Each of the six KeyKey typing lessons is focused on certain typesetting of letters. KeyKey can record windows captions of programs used.

Auto flush feature at time interval you specified. Just click on the Download Now link below. The type trainer knows the most popular letters, ne yo mad song mp3 letter combinations and words from your native language and employs them for lessons generating. Contuct us and we will help you with anything. You can monitor all of their Facebook activity.

Record Everything Typed on the Computer

You need to figure out what kind of online protection your family will need to keep them safe. See our review of RealTime-Spy. Great for any keyboards a must-have if getting used to a new ergo one. Keep your family safe online!

Statistics shows the results of all approaches and records for each of the attempts passed. No software is needed to record keystrokes with KeyGhost keylogger. KeyKey is a minimalist touch typing tutor for Mac.

Airplanes will not fly without a black box, and we believe no one should use a computer without a similar recording device. It's not about speed, it's about strain in hands. Downloading and installing is a snap.

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Record time stamp at time interval you specified. Site Navigation Home Contact Us. Along with the keystrokes, you can also record the task and windows captions at the time the key was pressed. Who would not want a back-up recording device monitoring all of your computer activity? Need a program to run secretly in the background to spy and record everything typed into the computer?

See our review of KeyKey Monitor. KeyKey Monitor is built to capture every word and letter typed into a computer and save it for you to view at any time. KeyKey Monitor will capture everything they type into the computer.