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The team is filling up their pumpkin with Halloween treats when they suddenly hear some strange music. The team watches the sunrise and things becoming happy. Leo is teaching his sister Annie how to fly Rocket. Then, a big bad wolf comes in and blows the first two houses down easily. The team hears a bell and June looks at her telescope, seeing a glass slipper on the ball which she wants to try on.

They find an ivory-billed woodpecker pecking on the wood on the tree. In Iceland, the team tells a story about a toy prince who helps others in trouble and he can do a funny dance. Now, the team must bring the duck back to his mother before she becomes worried. The first plane is on Adagio, the second plane is on Moderato, and the third plane is stuck on Allegro.

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Then, Quincy gets an e-mail message that his friends are in trouble. They start to sing low and every time Annie raises her voice in a glissando and her hands, Purple Plane flies higher and higher. Despite the usage of Einstein's name, there is no discussion of anything physics-related in the series.

Animation Adventure Family. After teaching Annie how to fly Rocket, Leo joins June and Quincy in blowing bubbles, and after seeing that, Annie gets her camera and tries to take a picture.

He wants to deliver all the ice cream to his best friend's birthday party, until his train breaks down. The team is playing in the Rocket Room as pirates, when they hear music in what turns out to be a treasure map. Egyptian hieroglyphics Hungarian Dance No.

Plant the Super Mystery Seeds and see what they grow. The team, with their friend Butterfly, sees that the other butterflies have an invitation to a migration party in Angangueo, Mexico. Quincy is telling a story about a princess bassoon playing a happy song for the other instruments, but an evil grumpy wizard casts a magic spell, which puts Princess Bassoon to sleep. Silly Sock wanted to join in the circus, but they know that it will start today, so it is up to the team to let Silly Sock join in the circus before it starts.

The team plays in the yard until they hear a stomach grumbling, which is Rocket, who is hungry. Every mission includes a classic song and a painting.

June is doing dance lessons with four Blue Footed Booby Birds and when they performed well, they will earn a sticker. Get Annie's Christmas wish box.

Then, Big Jet steals the Rocket Soup so that he can eat all of it, and it is up to the team to retrieve the Rocket Soup from Big Jet before he eats it all up. Even their own attempts to make him sleep fail, so the only way to make Rocket sleep is to go to outer space and count the nine planets. So the team makes an energy meal for Rocket called Rocket Soup. Now, it is up to the team to get the house back before the rain cloud reaches the bugs in New Zealand.

Now, the team must bring him to the tree of many colors so that he can get a brand new outfit. Learn more More Like This. Now, it is up to the team to help Rocket win the trophy and avoid Big Jet's attempts to slow them down while Quincy repairs the flying button. Now, it is up to the team to let the golden goose out of the cage before the Forte giant strikes.

To play the game, Annie needs five tokens to put in a slot so that the great Schubert can be seen. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. It is up to the team to go to ball so June can try the glass slipper before the clock strikes twelve and help Rocket learn how to dance along the way. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Leo is telling a story about a good knight and a bad knight.

They found a gingerbread house and eat all the sweets, but they are unaware that the gingerbread house is owned by a witch and Hansel and Gretel are locked in. Quincy calls it Carmine because it is a music car which wants to race, but the three mean race cars which are bigger than Carmine tease and discourage him, so that he can lose. This article needs additional citations for verification. Leo calls her Melody because she sings music, and her favorite food is musical notes. Now, it is up to the team to find bricks, a roof and a door for the piggies to build a brick house before the wolf blows it down.

Kuna Molas Piano Concerto No. On Christmas Eve, Leo and team are reading a story about the boy who wishes to have a turtle. The team stands near the pet train when they see a pet with musical notes. However, he is unaware that he is hiding in a log near a volcano, so it is up to the team to bring the baby piccolodactyl back to his mother before a volcano eruption occurs.

Listen to waves and washes Baby Tulip off to sea. June is watching the stars and the planets on her telescope and loves the planet Saturn, and to dance with it. So the team will use Presto later at the right time.

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They see one car which is different, with bass drum wheels, a trumpet engine, and a trombone horn. Get Annie's balloons back. Then, a mean queen who is jealous of the unicorn puts a spell on him, turning him into a stone statue. The team is in Japan, wanting to see whats the secret mystery prize there in Mt. The team is in Egypt, exor designer 6 reading the hieroglyphics about the story of the Golden Pyramid.

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The mail carrier butterfly says that his invitation is in a mailbox but in the wrong place. Now, it is up to the team and train Rocket to deliver all the ice cream cars before the sun melts the ice cream. The team is in India, where Leo wins an egg. The team is in Egypt, where they meet their friend Great Sphinx.

The team is in Totem Pole Forest, looking at the tall totem poles. This article has multiple issues. This makes the mission tough because Quincy knows that he is afraid of the dark because Lapland gets dark too early. They see a bald eagle picking up sticks, but soon after, the bald eagle mistakenly takes Leo's baton as a stick and the team must retrieve Leo's baton.