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China Bank of Communications Building No. Since the Waldorf-Astoria Shanghai Hotel. If the cooks have a tight fist with the salt, they have an open palm with the sugar. Russo-Chinese Bank Building No.

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China Merchants Bank Building No. The dining room still has that Deco charm. Such use of the term, however, remains rare outside of tourism literature.

Today, it forms the other part of the Peace Hotel. In that respect, M on the Bund is probably closer to a restaurant like el Willy than most people imagine. Yokohama Specie Bank Building No. This area is now much reduced due to the expansion of Zhongshan Road. Banque de l'Indochine Building No.

Government institutions were moved out in favour of financial institutions, while hotels resumed trading as such. And in Shanghai, as in many cities, the restaurants that survive and prosper are the ones that are driven by an actively invested owner, and the ones that have a strong personality behind them.

The book was made into a film by Steven Spielberg. It was, and still is today, famous for its jazz band in its cafe. Today it houses a Rolex store on the ground floor, offices, and the House of Roosevelt, a bar and restaurant. In these Chinese port cities, the English term came to mean, especially, the embanked quay along the shore. The construction of this high wall has dramatically changed the appearance of the Bund.

The Bund lies north of the old, walled city of Shanghai. As a result, most of the parkland which had existed along the road disappeared. She sits at the nexus of a certain segment of Shanghai life, where the literary, cultural and diplomatic worlds overlap. To the east of the road was formerly a stretch of parkland culminating at Huangpu Park. That, I can get on board with.

Its famous ceiling mosaics have been fully restored, and can be viewed inside the entrance hall. The vacated road space was used to widen the landscaped promenade along the waterfront. Consulate-General of the United Kingdom No. Unfortunately, at M right now, the food doesn't live up to the name. Sometimes the formula really can be boiled down to one strong personality, with a silent team working behind the scenes.

Yangtze Insurance Building No. It now houses the Shanghai Council of Trade Unions. Jardine Matheson Building No. The clock and bell was built in England and in imitation of Big Ben. Near the Nanjing Road intersection stands what is currently the only bronze statue along the Bund.

Bunding The word bund means an embankment or an embanked quay. The Bunds revitalization began in with a new promenade by the Dutch Architect Paulus Snoeren and has dramatically changed the streetscape of the Bund. In a third stage, the former lane Bund roadway was reconstructed in two levels, true mountains free thinkers dating with six lanes carried in a new tunnel. The stunted appearance of the building is attributed to Sassoon's insistence that no other building on the Bund could rise higher than his.

Further east is a tall levee, constructed in the s to ward off flood waters. The top floor originally housed Sassoon's private apartment.

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Chartered Bank Building No. Bank of China Building No.