Magic Frame

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The deck is later restored to its original condition. Comes with everything you need, including instructions! You show a small ball that rattles when shaken. Can be used at close range, and can be seen in the largest of theaters! Inside this box is the borrowed item!

This made with a flanged socket for the gimmick, providing a worry-free, secure fit. Since I seldom play the current version I've decided to uninstall just in case. The cabinet door is opened and the watch is seen hanging once again from the hook!

The box has a built-in rattle device that allows you to create the sound of the poor watch being banged around inside, as you apparently convince its owner that it is still safe inside. Download the best photoeditor Snappy Camera Photo Filter. It begins with the display of five cards, supposedly all black spot cards.

The smallest box is locked with a small brass padlock and hasp. The trick is focused upon a magical transportation, but also finishes with a nice and sizable production. You should buy any standard box of wooden matches and use them to fill the supplied, matchbox. Expertly detailed with gorgeous Chinoiserie images.

Please note - Hazardous materials regulations do not allow us to ship mathces. Perfect for Victorian shows! Pretends to be Microsoft with bogus virus warning. Supar flower crown stickers.

Back in Stock & Latest Additions

Mandarin Block Escape A striking piece for your show or collection! Hopefully the other problems will be fixed.

It makes a beautiful and interesting display for your magic collection, but may also be used as a decoration for any of the six holidays! That's what us old-timers used to call close-up magic! Here is where you find these wondeful gems of magic from days gone by. Used with the Silk Frame, diary for computer it causes the silk s to disappear prior to their reappearance in the frame.

This finely crafted piece is sturdy and functional for your show, but beautiful enough to grace the shelf among your finest collectibles! You supply your own deck for the selection. It features ornamental feet, quite different than any other drawer box you are likely to find, and a handsome antique brass handle.

The boxes have Tyvek-reinforced, riveted hinges. This prevents the technique being used in larger networks or over the Internet. Completely under your control.

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Ask them what a green light means. The watch that vanishes and reappears! This begins with the familiar twisted nail puzzle, but quickly becomes a mystery.

There simply seems to be no place for the block to have gone! Attempting to do this again, the experiment fails.


CEIVA - The Inventors of the Connected Digital Photo Frame

Very practical with simple interface. The sliding sound and click is loud and clear. Comes with the bottle, gimmick, minature wine crate, and instructions. May be performed anytime during the show, or it makes the perfect opener! Atop this cover he places one of the matches so that it lies across the box cover and overhangs the edges.

This can happen in the spectator's possession, and all may be immediately examined. Small, but versatile prop! But, it does come with instructions in case you need a reminder!

CEIVA - The Inventors of the Connected Digital Photo Frame


The frame is uncovered and the card s have appeared behind the glass in the frame. The frame, with its beautifully turned pedestal base are hand-crafted by Michael Baker from American Black Walnut, and finished with hand-rubbed Tung Oil.

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