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Well, that depends on what you want to find in the ground. How to Search by Image from iPhone and Android. You can name the project according to your own choice.

You can also become a ghost hunter by using this app as it is claimed by the researcher that ghost has a magnetic field around them. The application is available for free download from the Android Market. Access the help portion of the application and read the given instructions carefully.

It shows and demonstrates all the software functions. This is another one of the amazing metal detector apps which uses the magnetic field to detect the metal. Now that the app is installed, your cell phone can be used as a metal detector.

It begins with a baseline measurement, then when it detects a metal, the measurement goes up and the color changes from green to red. The magnetometer in the app helps to detect metal. If your app is not working properly, it means that you need to check out the features and specs of your phone. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

It has an embedded magnetic sensor that used the magnetic field. Tells you results by the help of graphs reading. Maybe your Android phone can help. It is a straightforward app to use.

Detect Better Speed up your metal detecting, use smartphone apps. It works by converting your cell phone into a detector that can locate almost all metals. It is a very simple app to use.

These items have no magnetic field. Using the app might just help you find those small metal objects before you accidentally step on them or before they get sucked up into your vacuum cleaner. Has a Sound and Vibration Mode. Epic Find App An exciting application that you can carry anywhere with you. If you have any precious thing a ring or any other precious jewelry piece lost, you can use these free metal detector apps to find them.

It has a safety back up system and it can be used by multiple people. It is easy to use and comes with various other useful features. That App offers the treasure hunter a lot of features to make things easier for them. It works in such a way that when there is a metal piece around, latest version of gtalk the magnetic field level will start to rise. Facebook quietly killed a map for discovering live videos.

Geoelectrical water detector and cavity detector for resistivity measurements up to m depth. Many of our metal detector pages are tagged with this keyword. You have entered an incorrect email address! So the user can determine if any buried artifact, treasure or structure is hidden in the underground soil. Most Android and iPhone have metal detector apps that are used to detect metal.

Detect the ferrous objects by just the smartphone in your hand by using this free metal detector app and keep the screen flat on the top and swipe to scan. The magnetometer of your phone will vary according to the specs and features of your phone. This Android app allows the user of our water and cavity detector GeoSeeker to follow an easy step-by-step guide to conduct geo-electrical resistivity measurements. You can add the name of your project, and the photos will automatically be saved in that album.

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You can also find the lost keys by using such an app. Developed in order to assist and enhance the treasure hunting experience, especially for the newbie.

Please enter your name here. With the latest advancement in technology and development of metal detectors, you can actually go on a treasure hunt now. For further plans to recover these objects the determination of the exact position and depth is necessary - no problem with our software. With this detector you can locate underground water resources, hidden water streams or other water deposits. Metal detector apps are used to detect the scraps of metal around you.

Metal Detector works by measuring the magnetic field around the location of your Android phone. If there is any metal, the magnetic field will continuously fluctuate. If you've ever dropped a small screw or a paperclip onto thick carpet, you know how difficult it can be to find them. Turn the app on and more it around. This familiarity is a great advantage for the metal detector user, who must not learn any difficult operating procedure.

The Metal Detector Application provides the user with essential information that helps them in finding places where the chances of metal presence is the highest. By using this app you can set the alert dimension. It will give best results if the metal is iron, cobalt, steel or nickel. If you turn on this app and it shows the high readings, you should immediately turn it away to lower down the readings.

Currently we are offering applications for these OKM detectors

It is one of the best metal detector apps for iPhone and Android. All applications can be downloaded directly via Google Play Store.

How to turn your Android phone into a metal detector

Metal Detector 1.5.1a Update

Metal Detector 1.5.1a Update

Using the Metal detector application is rather easy. This article provides a first overview of our detecting devices and geophysical detectors. Notify me of new posts by email.

This special combination of a portable device and a metal detector was unique and set new standards in metal detection technology. Unfortunately, it doesn't make a cool, metal detector sound to let you know if you're close.

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Even without the application the eXp metal detector can be operated with a built-in touchscreen display as well as video eye glasses. It has an alarming feature where it starts beeping if it detects the metal. Metal detector app is the best tool for smartphones. Culture How to turn your Android phone into a metal detector Can't find that sharp metal screw you just dropped onto the thick carpet below you? Microsoft's new tool for Android phones does this in a snap.

Treasure Hunting with the Metal Detector App A treasure hunt is no longer just a fiction al tale anymore. Go Fid App The most contemporary applications that greatly assist.