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Don't have serious relationship with muslim guys

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All of this made me suffer really bad for few months, I felt like he broke my heart. Also want to thank everyone on this forum who shares their stories. After reading this forum I think that I was really lucky that circumstances were like that. He stared me in the eyes with a look fool of tenderness and love.

But I'm absolutely sure that I will never let an algerian or any arab guy around me again, this guys are easy with lies and fake promises and really hard to figure out. When I came there we had a really good time, he tried his best, met me in airport, went early from work every day to spend more time with me, are bajan and ashley dating took me to restaurants and beautiful places.

Crazy, because I have a good job where I live. At least if you take relationship serious like me. And somehow I fell in love. If you are attracted to arab guy just have a good time and move on like they do. If you don't want anything serious have a good time with them, hang out, have romantic evenings, have sex, they are good at all of this.

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He was very charming, very handsome. He made me feel that I'm special to him, that he cares. He looked european and came there from France, so maybe that's why I didn't get him us arab guy at first berber in his case.

But don't take as a truth what they tell you, don't open to them your heart and soul even if they seem sincere to you.

At first weeks he missed me so much, texted me a lot, he begged me to talk to him on skype before he goes to sleep because he couldn't get used to being without me. Be careful and never believe what they say, look what they do. But the situation of this guy wasn't very good, he was married for a green card and he was paying money to that girl and, as he told me, she wanted more and more money from him. When I came back I felt that I want to be with this guy so much, I even started to look for work and internships near his city.