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Stopping the client while a call was still active could sometimes freeze the client. Some internal locking issues solved.

The history screen did not show the displayname of peerpeer contacts. After this message, normal calls where not possible. Some textual and visual changes in dialogs. Memory leak solved in the internal graphics library. Some internal addresses where wrong, this has been corrected.

Client could crash in close when modify contact dialog was still open en visible. Fixed potential crash in Bandwidth test procedure.

Some voipapi changes made compatible with earlier releases. Fixed a problem when changing devices. When making a phonephone call with the client, the callduration was not displayed. The internal connection handling has been enhanced. In rare cases the client could crash while connecting.

Very often the client would not select the optimal connection method. Various bug fixes in the language editor. Some getting started wizard issues solved.

Fixed issues with selecting sounddevices on languages that use non-ascii character sets. Enhanced encryption handling. The shutdownprocedure has been enhanced. The VoiceEngine contained a bug that could crash the application while in a call. When verify was executed after a phone type change in the profile screen, the client could hang.

This only occurred on specific router combinations. When a computer resumed from standby, the client would try to logon, even if no username or password is available.

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When user entered a number to dial without country, it's not handled as contact. On some occasions the audio device wizard would crash. The client could crash when it received a specific server message.

When checking for new versions an overview of new files is presented. One minute before credit runs out, a sound will be played and a message will be displayed with a warning to inform that the user is almost out of credit. Outlook contact loading bugfixed.

The callerid is displayed in the titlebar when the client is logged on. Phonenumber settings could get lost when phone number verification was started.

Fixed potential crash in shutdown sequence. Logon after sleep could take a while.

The LiveUpdate system has been enhanced. The internet re-check timer has been adjusted to ensure faster connect times. Conferencing would not work most of the time. Now it only logs on when it is set to automatically logon.

At relogon the password was not set correct. The statusbar in the chatwindow did not size correctly. Fixed the volume control in the active screen.

On rare occasions the client could go in an infinite reconnect loop. Stability has been improved.

55.3 hours past 2 weeks

The Mapi interface to display outlook contacts did not always load correctly. In a network with an internet proxy the client could sometimes crash. An internal bug in the connection system has been solved.

The client will first check the internet connection before proceeding to connect to the voip network. Now the client will be restored.

Release Notes

Advanced connection setup has been enhanced. After a LiveUpdate it took too long before the application restarted. Minor security enhancements have been implemented. The VoiceEngine is modified for less processor consumption.

13-01-2015 4.14 Build 759Nonoh

On a specific connection method peer-to-peer calls where not possible. The logoff procedure has been changed and is much faster now. The internal internet check has been slightly enhanced.

Recent Activity

Several displaypicture issues solved. The client could crash when the start of a dns resolution failed. All contacts related menu items moved to this menu. When a voip server was put in maintenance, photography business card psd file the client did not reroute to another server automatically. This has been changed back so that they will be remembered by default.

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