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It's also how Mutsumi Otohime is introduced. Peter, who has just begun his superhero career and is still timid, christian girls dating bible study is scared off by Clover.

She then holds a funeral for his room, and asks for a flamethrower. In A New Order Usagi not only meets Mamoru this way, but also Ami whom she crashes into while running through the halls. You'd think after fighting a war for a few days would put you above being embarrassed by a kiss again, not this time.

She immediately runs away in embarassment, though Majiru does seem to start to develop a Precocious Crush. Smoker is merciless against pirates and fights them with all his might. Kenshin also meets Yahiko this way, though the then Street Urchin Yahiko was doing it to rob him. In another version, he is swept away by a storm before he can rescue the turtle. Art met Linda in Eastern Standard Tribe by hitting her with his car.

This being seventeenth century France, they immediately challenge him to duels. In another, he grows gills and leaps into the sea, whereby he regains his youth.

An anime called Love Love? He even got into an accidental breast grope on one of them, who instantly fell in love with him because of this. Naturally, they fall in love after some trouble, although she had a huge crush on him in the first place. They both immediately fall in love with each other.

Naruto first meets Hinata during a faceplant while he was running and tripped. They start dating shortly afterwards. Although there is no direct, physical contact made, this is how Jun and Suiseiseki first met in Rozen Maiden. Much earlier on in the series, Nodoka first meets Kotaro this way, although they don't really interact much until a lot later.

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Urashima now wishes to go back to the Dragon Palace but he does not know the means, and opens the box. They have absolutely zero interaction beyond running headlong into each other, and Sturm pulling her into a doorway out of the way of a rampaging, crazed mob. Happens in the first episode of Princess Tutu. Rainbow Dash first meets Caramel this way in Assumptions.

In one, he falls to dust and dies, in another, he transforms into a crane and flies up to the sky. He quickly became interested in Luffy, because he saw parallels with Gol D. The real part of the story starts with James crashing into Taylor's body trying to escape her locker.

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This is how Chibi-Usa is introduced. Kenshin Himura meets Kaoru for the first time when she attacks him with a bokken, thinking him to be the legendary Hitokiri Battousai. In return, he had to move on and leave Luffy and his crew alone. Morello believes in this trope. Linebarrels of Iron has Emi crash her giant robot into Kouichi's skull, crushing him into a bloody puddle and killing him instantly.

Happens to Freya Carlson when she first meets Matt Helm. Done in North by Northwest turns out it was a deliberate set up.