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Not only are inscriptions often crucial to historical work, but their interpretation also requires an excellent knowledge of classical languages and literature. As the distinguished Greek epigrapher Margherita Guarducci once noted, epigraphers tend to classify as epigraphic documents only those written on stone. This is not a handbook but rather a reference tool for the most practical aspects of the discipline. An introduction to the study of Latin inscriptions.

Di Stefano Manzella, Ivan. It is especially noteworthy for its long list of abbreviations found in Latin inscriptions.

Most people today are still familiar with the classic Roman numerals. The Calendar Act brought about further changes. Be aware, however, that you will find them represented in a slightly different way in documents written in English. The Julian Calendar did not correspond exactly to the solar year. So in these days had to be cut out of the year to make the adjustment.

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It aims to clarify procedures epigraphers adopt when confronted with a new monument. In particular, the lower case was used.

Latin Epigraphy - Classics - Oxford Bibliographies

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Other Catholic countries followed and adopted the Gregorian Calendar but England, being Protestant, did not. Illustrated introduction to Latin epigraphy. Regnal Years Some documents will be dated not by the calendar year but by the regnal year - how long the ruling monarch had been on the throne.

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Guida alla schedatura del materiale epigrafico lapideo. Ancient history from inscriptions. For more information about dates including saints days, regnal years, isotopic dating of groundwater flow religious festivals and terms of the law courts see C.

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