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Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein

Madhvan did great acting as well as Diya is looking so cute. Sam challenged Maddy for one-on-one fight, to which Maddy happily agreed. So to me this movie holds a special place because of the locations it was shot in, as well as being a thorough entertainer! What effect will this movie have on youth? Dia is average and one fails to feel the love towards her character.

Here, Maddy goes into depression and starts drinking. Overall a watcher for its presentation of couples in love. This cute flick proves just that.

The supporting actors didn't spoil the movie. Learn more More Like This. The whirlwind romance turns sour when she is framed for his underworld crimes.

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Gutsy enough to write a more apt ending. Saif Ali Khan was the weakest of the trio, but his performance was also considerably good. When Rajeev realizes that Reena still loves Maddy, he takes her to the airport. Madahavan looked comfortable and natural in front of the camera, maybe because this was not his first movie.

This is a typical example of Indian cinema glorifying the harassment in the name of romance. And they both fall in love. An enjoyable film, a bit lengthy but a good watch. When Rajiv comes to India they get to know the truth.

Most of the film contains the same exact scenes as its Tamil counterpart. It doesn't matter what she thinks, she'll fall for you.

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Tanu weds Manu was also a great movie, with great story line, and awesome songs. Songs are still heart touching. Music and all the songs are superb and A-class Another great revelation was Saif's character. It is good and simple love story of a spoilt guy who falls in love at first sight, bohat din howay hain song mp3 then he tries to get her by any means and re discovers his sense of righteousness.

Reena Malhotra as Diya Mirza. Also Rajiv and Maddy happen to be college time enemies.

Why didn't she get her phone re-connected? Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows.

Overall the soundtrack is the biggest winner in this film as it had the same impact on Hindi audiences as the Tamil version. Photon Kathaas Ondraga Entertainment. Maddy impersonates as Rajiv and makes Reena fall in love with her. Is the director trying to promote harrassment in the name of love?

Rehnaa Hai Tere Dil MeinRehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein (Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein)

By the way all movie of madhvan are good. Reena and Maddy are united once again.

It is also a country where their honour is highly valued, and where a bad marriage often means a life of misery. It's love at first sight when Madhav Shastri aka Maddy R. It is this which makes the film such a cult classic because it speaks to the inner Indian in the moviegoer heart, the charm and visceral beauty within each and the will to achieve their ends. Maddy sees Reena and falls in love with her.

Maddy also learns that Reena doesn't know how Rajeev looks like now and that Rajiv is coming next week to meet her. The enmity goes so far that Maddy even tries to frame Sam. Another commendable part of the film is the performance of R.

Although the movie is quite expected but the acting of all the characters in the movie is above par, specially Madhav Shastri aka Maddy Madhavan. Maddy is the son of a music shop owner Anupam Kher who hopes that Maddy will someday take over his shop. Unfortunately an actor of Saif's caliber was under-used, but Saif still manages to inject some life to the character Sam which is rather flat in comparison to the character Maddy. The beginning scenes doesn't look out of place, as they describe Madhavan's character.

Sam graduates and leaves the college, but promises Maddy that one fine day, he will complete what was started i. Saif too pitches in with a satisfactory show. His attitude has mellowed a lot, but not changed.

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Maddy thinks that Rajeev has come to rebuke him once more. This film portrays Reena as a nice girl, but a girl whose choice is never taken into account.