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Rules for dating a sarcastic girl, girls, Stop Making Stupid Rules About Contacting You!

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Why would you push away a guy that might like you, if you don't even know him? The second thing you need to realize, is that if you read some kind of a rule in a book or magazine, or hear it from someone, you can't expect anyone else to know the rule. Does this make a guy creepy or desperate?

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How can you make all these hoops that guys have to jump through at different times? And I was lost to why they never called or texted me back. But if I'm interested, I'm going to show that by trying to get in contact with her that day. But just because a guy wants to talk to you as soon as possible doesn't make him desperate, it doesn't make him creepy, all that it means is that he's interested. Don't just throw your number out to whomever.

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Because your rules are going to be different from the next girl. The first thing is that some rules are just stupid. These rules are stupid, and although the meaning behind them might not be stupid, the fact that you're making windows of time for guys to jump through is dumb. Guys can't read minds, dendro dating services and there is no possible way for us to know everything there is to know about girls and dating. So realize that we haven't read all the dating books or magazine articles you've read.

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Don't view it as a turnoff, realize what it really is, and that's a compliment. Twitter As a server one time I had a table with a couple of girls for lunch. Well after work I texted them to see what was up. If a girl gives me her number, and I think she's cute, then I'm going to want to talk to her and possibly hang out with her.

Girls, Stop Making Stupid Rules About Contacting You!

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And they get this number of days from advice from a dating book, or from something they hear. What you think a guy should do, and what another girl thinks a guy should do is going to be different. Because like I said, every girl is different. There are some girls, who after they give out their number, like it when a guy calls that day and shows that he's interested. Now I'm not telling you to be easy, that's not it at all.

As far as number of days that a guy should wait to call you, or not saying yes to a guy who wants to hang out with you on the weekend, but doesn't ask before Wednesday, give me a break. If you give a guy your number, and the guy is interested, then he's going to want to talk to you as soon as he has time. But when they left, they left a phone number on the table. You can't stick a piece of chocolate cake in front of someone and tell them not to eat it. And they never got responded.

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Is it possible that a desperate or creepy guy might call you that same day? You can't blow us off because we can't read your mind. So later that day, I called and left a message, just in case they didn't have texting on their phone. Get to know the guy, and if he seems like a nice guy, then give him your number to get to know him better, or get his number.