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Pros great touch screen love the widget texting is easy with the qwerty key board. My Samsung rep was just in here discussing the phone. Cons no apps poor internet connection no storage folders. Six websites that turn your used electronics into money.

The only successful modular phone system to date, Motorola's z series is still going strong. Free The Financial Finesse app gives you instant access to the financial wellness benefits provided by your employer. Gadget collecting dust in a junk drawer? The Samsung Finesse, however, bucks the trend. Tap-to-pay cards are coming on strong.

The phone has an extremely limited number of available apps. Visit manufacturer site for details. Browse and order anywhere using our mobile app. It is stylish and sleek and it offers decent multimedia features.

Every phone I have had since at least has been able to do this. That's when I realized, the only locking feature is for the entire phone. Tropical Sea Life Screensaver Aquarium. You can change the brightness, the backlight time, the banner on the home screen, and the main menu style. Shop stories of trending styles that include less expensive alternatives.

Some of the standard features are pretty cool. Click for full glossary page.

Xlinksoft Samsung Converter By Xlinksoft. Legend Mafia Hero Gangster Escape.

But the email feature had to have a patch to fix. This is my first experience with a smart phone and it is not a very good one. Or do I need some special software?

If you are looking for a phone to use as a phone, texting device and camera then this fits the bill. The Finesse has a virtual dialpad with large keys. If i lose my phone or someone borrows it, they can easily go into my private business.

Along the bottom of the display are shortcuts for the phone dialer, the contacts menu, the messaging menu, and the main menu. The ultimate soluation for developers who need images, button glyphs, icons etc. Samsung pc suite Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile is a convenient and reliable solution that protects smartphones from malicious programs that target mobile platforms. The keys are very responsive and we like that there's a dedicated keyboard for shortcuts like the symbol and top-level domains like.

Then there is the fact that everyone points out. As with all touch-screen phones, you must use the display to dial and text.

Navigating a page is difficult since there really is no mouse like pointer, everything is done by finger and the lag time is driving me nuts. It has a Converter in it that will give accurate rates for Money, Volume, Area and various measurement needs.

Samsung Finesse R810

This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. Those three keys under the display correspond to the Talk, Back, and End keys respectively. And let's not mention the biggest faux pas. Then I noticed a few things.

Does anyone know of an easy to put dvd movies from my computer to the finesse? The lack of downloadable apps. Cons Lack of apps No video Problems with the loaded apps Lack of security.

Samsung Finesse Apps

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There's just a few things that i wish it could do but no biggie. Micromedex Drug Reference Essentials. Finesse Boutique By Propeller Free Our boutique stocks a beautiful collection of clothing, jewellery and handbags which has been carefully selected so that we have pieces to cover all occasions. Resend confirmation email.

Samsung Finesse Apps

It has helped me to secure numerous jobs since I got it. Internet is a big disappointment.

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Free Finesse Fashion help you to fill your closet with joy. Cons apps are limited apps are way overpriced phone locks midway through a call requiring you to unlock it to hang up. On the back is a camera and self-portrait mirror.

Download Free Samsung Finesse Wallpaper. Free The free messaging app for Ex-Samsung employees. Samsung pc suite The SecretZone is software program that protects personal information. Bear in mind the Finesse does not have an accelerometer, ziphone 3.0 for windows so you can't simply switch keyboards by tilting the phone.

Get up-to-date information, news, class timetables, swim timetables, offers, events and receive push notifications for important news. When, where and how to get the most cash for your used iPhone. You can also adjust the vibration's intensity.

About half of those available are worth looking into. Photo editor Create stunning photographs with ease. All trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners. Cons touch screen doesnt function corectlly.

The new generation of finesse phone have cured this problem. Application is that helps guide the Samsung business solution.