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As soon as the link is activated you will be able to see it in the address bar on the top of the page where your shared folder is. Registration is free, simple, and takes seconds to com plete. As the link is generated securely, it is absolutely im possible to access the file.

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The feature is especially useful for uploading a file by separate volumes if the size of the file exceeds the space limit. Most helpful Most helpful Most recent Highest rated Lowest rated. Similar to a shared file, you can send a web-based link to your shared folder.

General questions Where are my files stored? On the sam e page you can custom ize the link to your shared folder so that it looks like myfolder. Your files must not exceed the limit as, otherwise, they will be rejected.

How can I create a folder? You can email the link, place it on your web page, or publish it on forums or blogs.

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If I want to share my file, how can I email a sharing link? Language supported English United States. So don't set these permissions if you want to prevent your files from changes. How can I create a photo album? It takes some time to index your files for the search system.

To create a photo album open the folder that contains photos that you are going to include into your photo album. Please, wait for a couple of minutes while the downloading is com pleted. At the m oment we are still testing the feature and there could be troubles with setting it up in Vis ta. How can I share a folder which stores both public and private files?

How can I delete a subfolder? If the shared folder has Read-only access, people can only download files from the folder.

Also, the traditional household handbook any visitor can download one file only at the same time. There are no restrictions on the am ount of data that can be transferred.

Please note that if you rename a file, you should type the sam e extension for it at the end of the new nam e. The files you upload are hosted on our high-speed servers. However, if you don't want your file to be seen by everyone, you should share your link confidentially, with certain people only. So, if the file is currently being downloading, you will see a notification. To set a password open a folder you want to share with a password protection.

It takes hours to index the files for the search system. How can I change the description of a file? To share a folder you need to get a sharing link that will allow people who know it to access the folder.

Can you tell me how to set a subdomain for a folder? If you plan to create a subfolder, start your actions by opening the parent folder. To share all your account m aterials through a nice link like myfolder.

The links to the attached files will be added to the end of the message. Your new file name can be seen on the download page of the file.

Note that both fields are case sensitive, so you should type exactly the same password twice. You can email sharing links only. How can I make my files available for public search? Santiago Camargo Buitrago.


The FolderShare feature allows you to share any of your folders with anyone by setting different access permissions on the folder. This app can Use your location Access your Internet connection Use your pictures library Use your music library Use your video library Use your contacts. Report this app to Microsoft.

Download 4shared free (android)

Download 4shared free (android)

If I have a response from developer that the problem is resolved, then I will update my review so that others may enjoy this app. What should I do if I forgot a password? There is no need to enter your credit card details. Are there any bandwidth limitations for traffic I can use?

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Note that both fields are case sensitive, so you should type absolutely the same password twice. Thus, only the public files in your shared folder will be available for others whereas the private files will be invisible. We are taking security very seriously.

How can I prevent users from changing files in the shared folder? Firstly, you should tick the files you want to share by em ail.

Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. First, open the parent folder of a subfolder you want to delete. They will be added to the results list within hours, with the next database update.

Seizure warnings Photosensitive seizure warning. How can I change a password for my account? Just enter the name for the sub-domain and check if it is available.

The best way to manage your 4shared account

How can I stream video and audio files? Click on the nam e of a file to get to the file info page. How you found the violation and any other useful info.